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Our History
North Church is a part of the Churches of Christ in Christian Union, currently headquartered in Circleville, Ohio.  The Churches of Christ in Christian Union was formed in September 1909 in Washington Court House, Ohio.  The denomination broke from the Christian Union church, originally established in 1865.  The break was due to a controversy at council held at Marshall, Ohio over the preaching of holiness as a second definite work of grace subsequent to regeneration.   Legislation in the council was enacted to silence those preaching holiness.  Instead of being silenced, several of the churches that were preaching holiness got together, withdrew by compulsion and formed the Churches of Christ in Christian Union under the leadership of James McKibban.
In 1915 they had 40 churches and today have over 200.  They also formed a university in 1948, originally called Circleville Bible College, now known as Ohio Christian University
North Church was one of their beginning churches formed in 1915 with 16 people in a storeroom at 1209 Cleveland Avenue with Rev. William McDaniel as pastor.  In 1918, under the leadership of Rev. G.C. McKibben, two lots were purchased at the corner of Cleveland and Essex Avenues.  In 1919 work started on a new tabernacle there.  This was used for two years until they began to outgrow it.  In 1922 a new brick church was built on the same site as the tabernacle.  In 1926 the congregation had outgrown this building and a north wing was added.  Rev. G. C. McKibben continued to serve as pastor until March, 1931, at which time Rev. N. Woodruff was called to complete the council year.
In 1931 Rev. A. E. Sager became pastor and the church continued growing and liquidated it's debt.  In August 1942, Rev. E. A.  Keaton was called to pastor.  In 1944 a parsonage at 1415 Duxberry and four lots at 26th and Cleveland Avenues were purchased.
In 1949 Rev. W. L. Cozad became pastor.  Under his leadership, ground was broken for a new building June 1, 1950 and the building was dedicated August 5, 1941.  Rev. Morton Dorsey followed as pastor in 1954.  During his ministry the mortgage was paid off and a fellowship hall built.
In 1958 Rev. H. P. Bennett as elected pastor.  During his ministry a second story was added to the fellowship hall.  Also, a new parsonage and 4 acres of land at 5600 Karl Road were purchased.
In 1964, the Bennetts left to go to the mission field in Dominica.  Rev. Thomas Hermiz was called to pastor. 
After the purchase of the parsonage and land on Karl Road, there was discussion to relocate and voted on by the congregation.  It was decided to move the parsonage across the road from 5600 Karl Road and use the 4 acres for the buliding and parking lot.  In June, 1967, the church at 2021 Cleveland Avenue was sold to the Bethel A.M.E. Church.  The last service there was July 2, 1967.  From July 9, 1967 to April 28, 1968, services were held at Northland High School.
During this time the church broke ground, September 10, 1967, started construction and completed the education unit, in which the first service was held April 28, 1968, at 7:30 pm.  The congregation gathered outside after the service for the cornerstone laying ceremony.  Services were held here until the sanctuary was ready on September 8, 1968.
In July 1969 Rev. Ronald Newsome became pastor. 
In August 1975 Rev. R. L. Sayre was elected as pastor.  During his ministry the new addition was added to the front of the church.
In July 1985 Rev. Warren Banks became pastor.  In December 1988 Rev. David Van Hoose was pastor and left eight months later to become President of Circleville Bible College. 
In August 1989 Rev. Dan L. Stires was elected to pastor.  In September 2000, Rev. Kevin Behrer, our present pastor was called to North Church to continue a ministry that is has now reached 100 years.
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